Agura Inc., a top tier Blockchain technology software systems provider, develops cutting edge technology software-platforms for blockchain. Agura exploits robust versatile secured technology, providing user-friendly building blocks that enable rapid-embedding of innovative next-generation blockchain projects, including blockchain community projects, migration of legacy financial systems and other technological tools that bridge the gap between the traditional financial worlds to the new blockchain economy.

Agura provides the infrastructure and systems that businesses and organizations need to operate in the Blockchain economy, including security, novel solutions, powerful clearing engines, white label platforms for hedge funds & exchanges, legacy banking & payment Blockchain embedding, custodian, brokerage, creation & trading of digital assets etc.

Agura offers the highest level of security on its own proprietary worldwide deployed 12 server farms.

Agura’s building-blocks core technology enables its customers a fast Time-To-Market ramp-up. Agura addresses all market sectors where its technology can be utilized instantly. Agura’s technology creates the opportunity to quickly capture a leading position in the market.



Ran Dror

Ran has over 30 years of experience with technology entities as entrepreneur, founder and CEO. Ran has a solid background in management, investment & edge-technology in various fields including semiconductors, communications, software and finance-technology having served as CEO, board member, shareholder & founder in various companies. Ran was founder, CEO/Chair of Broadlight, a leading edge semiconductor company acquired by Broadcom, CEO of Delitech (Technion Institute company), CEO of HDG, held senior positions at ECI Telecom, RAD-Bynet and others.

Co-founder, CTO

Asaf Azulay

Co-Founder of OMC which was established in 1995 and operates several companies with activities in computing, cloud computing, internet, software development and real estate.
OMC started as an IT service provider and a small computer store. With the combination of our advanced technologies platform and cloud business thinking, OMC has become
one of the top leading cloud computing providers in the world.


Ofer Rotem

Ofer has been investing in real estate from an early age, and first invested in Bitcoin in early 2013.
He maintains a keen interest in real estate and is always on the lookout for

interesting deals, wherever this may take him in the world. He splits his time between maintaining his property portfolio, working with his bitcoin enterprises and seeking new
As one of the early investors in digital currency startups, he has a vast 
knowledge of the workings of bitcoin and its applications.


Sharon Greenberg

Sharon has over 15 years of experience in executive sales leadership in IT companies, building and managing sales teams and supplying components for IT infrastructure. He has strong analytic & leadership skills as well as excellent knowledge of sales and market development processes. Sharon has experience
in managing and mentoring teams of sales and business development professionals and has developed a broad network of contacts in various vertical markets across Israel, including in the high-tech and integration markets.


Alon Leibovich

Alon has over 15 years of experience in R&D management in cutting edge Software Technology companies.
He lead large development groups on strategic product lines thru their complete lifecycle  He has a strong leadership and management skills as well as wide knowledge in different Software technologies.
Besides the Technology experience, Alon has a rich experience from different business domains which gives him a strong product strategy thinking and business analysis skills.

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